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Kardashian Beauty Individualist Faux Lashes - Khloe

Kardashian Beauty Individualist Faux Lashes were created and inspired by Khloe Kardashian, allowing you to achieve naturally full lashes in an instant. 

Why you need it:

When the Kardashian sisters bat their eyes, it’s hard not to notice their gorgeous long lashes. Kardashian Beauty Individualist Faux Lashes are all you need to achieve long full lashes like Khloe. The Kardashian Beauty Individualist false eyelashes are a great way to create you own lash design. This lash kit has short, medium and long lashes allowing you to create your own look. You can choose to have long winged lashes one day and shorter more natural looking lashes the next. As the Kardashian Faux Lash line was designed by Kim, Kourtney & Khloe themselves, you can be sure to expect the fullest, longest & most luxurious lashes.

Included in Kardashian Beauty Individualist Faux Lashes:

Kardashian Beauty Individual Lashes

Kardashian Beauty Adhesive Glue

How to:

1 – Squeeze a small amount of the Kardashian Beauty glue onto the box of the lashes. Using tweezers, grip an individual lash and gently dp the tip of the lash into the adhesive. Allow the glue to become 'tacky’ before applying.

2 – Place the single false lash directly on to your natural lash line whereever you wish for length and fullness. Keep applying the individual eyelashes until you achieve the lash look you require. The shorter lashes are more suitable for the inner corner of the eye while the longer lashes are best used on the outer corner of the eye for a winged eye effect or in the center of the lash for a fanned upwards effect. 

3 – Add extra intensity to your lashes by applying Kardashian Beauty Whiplash Mascara on top of your lashes, blending your natural lashes and the false lashes together.


Gently rinse with warm water, using your fingertips to remove.

Please note that Kardashian Beauty is currently in the process of rebranding their products from Khroma Beauty, their original name to Kardashian Beauty. During this time, you may receive some products which are labeled Khroma Beauty. These products are authentic Kardashian Beauty products and this has no reflection on the quality of the products sold.

Kardashian Beauty Individualist Faux Lashes - Khloe

  • Kardashian Beauty Individualist Faux Lashes - Khloe

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Kardashian Beauty Individualist Faux Lashes - Khloe
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