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AmazingCosmetics® AmazingConcealer® Brush



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The AmazingConcealer® Brush is the compact brush designed for the application of AmazingConcealer®.

Why you need it:

The perfect complement to AmazingConcealer®,this angled brush tapers to an ultra fine point to allow you to apply the tiny pin-dot amounts required to erase imperfections. The highly concentrated AmazingConcealer® contains 3.5 times the amount of pigment of a traditional concealer. You only need to apply pin dots of the highly concentrated formula to erase most skin imperfections. Using this brush allows for the perfect concealer application every time and will help prevent you from over-applying the product. The brush is great for sweeping, dabbing and blending concealer application and is made with high-quality synthetic fiber for flawless, professional results. #complexionperfection

How to use it:

Using the AmazingConcealer® Brush, disperse pin dot amounts of concealer evenly over desired area. Pat to blend the product into your skin using your index finger. If needed, repeat the Dot and Blend steps until the desired coverage is built and the imperfection disappears. It's that simple… #DotBlendRepeat

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