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Anatomicals Nod Off & Let The World Sod Off Sleep Mask



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Anatomicals Nod Off & Let The World Sod Off Sleep Mask is a 100% silk eye mask that shuts out all traces of light so you get a great night's sleep. 

Why you need it:
Anatomicals Nod Off & Let The World Sod Off Sleep Mask is the forthright way to let the world know you don't want to be disturbed, you're busy with serious business of beauty sleep. The  "Nod Off & Let the World Sod off" (with the emphasis on 'Sod Off') message on the outside of this silk eye mask lets everyone know to steer clear. While the message on the outside might be harsh, the interior is anything but - this sleep eye mask is made from 100% pure silk so it's kind to your delicate skin. 

Anatomicals is the company that ‘Only Wants You For Your Body’ and they will leave your body looking and smelling good enough to eat. They manufacture some of the funkiest and fun paraben free toiletries on the planet that are super hard working and amazingly affordable. So exactly like oxygen, water, gravity and chocolate fudge cake, you'll soon wonder how on earth you ever managed to survive without them.