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Ardell Deluxe Pack - 120 Black



Ardell Deluxe Pack - 120 Black is a must for every Ardell lashes fan! With 2 pairs of lashes, an applicator and mini glue, this is your ultimate eyelash kit!

Why you need it:
Ardell Deluxe Pack - 120 Black are comfortable, easy to apply false eye lashes. This kit has everything you need including 2 pairs of Ardell lashes, a free mini of DUO lash glue. and an eyelash applicator. 

How to apply:
1. Check that the band of your Ardell lashes lines up with your natural lash line, and trim it to fit if necessary.
2. Place the lash in the lash applicator with the band on the outside. Apply a thin line of lash glue along the band and wait 30 seconds for it to set.
3. Use the applicator to carefully position the lashes by along the lash line and secure by pressing the band on.

What's included:
- 2 pairs of Ardell 120 Black Lashes
- Soft touch lash applicator
- Free travel size mini of DUO eyelash adhesive

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