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Ardell Individuals Duralash Naturals Knot-Free Flares Short Black



Ardell Individuals Duralash Naturals Knot-Free Flares Short Black are individual lashes to give you control and versatility. Fill in gaps or create fuller, longer lashes easily.

Why you need it:
Ardell Individuals Duralash Naturals Knot-Free Flares Short Black are ideal for creating your own custom eyelash look. These shorter Ardell individual lashes are ideal for placing near the inner corner of your eye, or adding natural looking length and fullness to your own lashes. These individual lashes are perfect for filling in any gaps or just add more to to create a lush lash look!

Note: These Ardell Lashes individuals do not include eyelash adhesive.

How to apply:
1. Gently remove your Ardell lashes individual lash from the tray with tweezers. 
2. Place a small drop of lash glue onto foil then dip the base of the lash into the glue.
3. Carefully apply it over your natural lash, close to the lash line. Repeat until you achieve the look you desire!

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