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Beautiful Brows Eyebrow Kit



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The Beautiful Brows Eyebrow Kit has everything you need for perfect eyebrows at home or on the go. The kit includes brow prowder, highlighter, 2 brushes, stencils, tweezers and more.

Why you need it:
The Beautiful Brows Eyebrow Kit will help you get your eyebrows #onfleek in minutes! Absolutely everything you need is included - brow powder, highlighter, eyebrow brushes, tweezers, magnifying mirror and eyebrow stencils. The Beautiful Brows mineral pigment eyebrow powder is smudge proof, water resistant and lasts until you remove with an oil based make-up remover. The three stencils allow you to create different brow looks - choose from natural, sleek or bold brows or create your own look.

This easy to use kit lets you quickly transform thin, short or pale eyebrows, giving you defined, strong brows in seconds. 

What's included:
- Eyebrow powder
- Highlighter
- Three eyebrow shaping stencils
- Double-ended brow brush
- Highlighter brush
- Tweezers
- Magnifying mirror

Beautiful Brows create unique semi-permanent, refillable eyebrow kits. The Beautiful Brows styling kit will ensure your brows are on fleek at all times. The Beautiful Brows System kit includes Beautiful Brows stencils and unique semi-permanent brow powder manufactured using a process exclusive to Beautiful Brows. Watch this space, Beautiful Brows is a cosmetic brand on the rise.