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Benefit Makeup Bag GWP Feb 2018
Label Promotional Gift

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Promotional Gift

Benefit Makeup Bag GWP Feb 2018


Benefit Makeup Bag GWP Feb 2018

Benefit They're Real ShadowBlender



Benefit They're Real ShadowBlender has 2 eyeshadow sponge applicators to make eyeshadow application beyond easy every time.

Why you need it:
Benefit They're Real ShadowBlender fits your eyeshape to apply and blend eyeshadow easily and evenly. These sponge applicators have been specially designed to use with Benefit They're Real Duo Shadow Blender eyeshadows but can be used with any of your favourite eyeshadows.

How to use:
Slide the ShadowBlender across your eyeshadow. Position the ShadowBlender to the inner corner of your eye and sweep outwards to apply eyeshadow, keeping the darker shade close to the lash line.

What's included:
2 x Benefit They're Real ShadowBlender sponge applicators