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Blank Canvas Airbrush Blender Sponge - Pink - Teardrop



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Achieve a flawless foundation look with the Blank Canvas Airbrush Blender Sponge.

Why you need it:

The Blank Canvas Airbrush Blender Sponge is a versatile makeup applicator perfect for delivering a smooth and flawless finish.  This latex free sponge has got all angles covered with its pointed edge perfect for applying concealer and blending in those hard to reach areas.

How to:

-  Soak the sponge in a bowl of luke warm water for approximately one minute or run under a warm tap until the sponge expands to twice its size.

-  Squeeze to remove excess water.

-    The rounded sides of the sponge can be used to blend foundation onto the larger areas of the face. Best results are achieved by using a stippling motion (like a                gentle dabbing or patting of motion) on the face.

-    Use the precision tip to cover blemishes and imperfections and apply foundation to those smaller areas of the face.

-     Wash after use in warm (not hot) water with a shampoo or sanitizing cleanser. Leave to dry in an airy place.


Blank Canvas are an award winning Irish Cosmetics brand that create affordable and highly covetable makeup brushes and cosmetics. Blank Canvas cosmetics and cosmetic brushes offer exceptional value for money and are hugely popular with beauty bloggers and makeup artists alike. Recent beauty hits from Blank Canvas include the Pippa Palette, created in collaboration with Pippa O'Connor, and the Blank Canvas Contour Palette - now available to buy online.