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Blank Canvas Glossy Black RF20 Short Retractable



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Keep your makeup looking amazing all day long with the Blank Canvas Glossy Black Short Retractable Brush RF20, ideal for applying or topping up your makeup on the go. 

Why you need it:

The Blank Canvas Flat Top Buffer Brush F20 is made of short, dense synthetic fibres making it the perfect tool for liquid, cream or powder application. This unique style of brush was designed with perfection in mind and doesn’t disappoint. For best results stipple or buff your foundation onto your face with this super soft brush and notice the difference after just one application. Its retractable function makes it a great addition to your handbag. Perfect for topping up your foundation/bronzer or powder

Blank Canvas are an award winning Irish Cosmetics brand that create affordable and highly covetable makeup brushes and cosmetics. Blank Canvas cosmetics and cosmetic brushes offer exceptional value for money and are hugely popular with beauty bloggers and makeup artists alike. Recent beauty hits from Blank Canvas include the Pippa Palette, created in collaboration with Pippa O'Connor, and the Blank Canvas Contour Palette - now available to buy online.