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With over 1/4 million YouTube views in just 7 months & a hugely successful blog, Gorkem Karman is fast becoming one of the most well known and loved beauty bloggers in Turkey. We recently caught up with Gorkem and chatted about her love of all things beauty, Rome, Bradley Cooper and Lasange.

Gorkem also created a fantastic tutorial for a daytime smokey eye look for all of us at Cloud 10 Beauty which you can watch here.

What prompted you to start blogging?

Last year I was living in Rome, I was alone, far from my friends and family and the only thing that helped me keep staying there was makeup. I had the chance to purchase products that I couldn’t in Turkey and I thought why not share it with other people. I took my notebook and started blogging!

And we are so glad you did! What do you enjoy most about blogging?

My favorite part of blogging is definitely hearing my subscribers’ feedback! I receive messages and mails, telling me that they can now do smokey eyes and put eye lashes on. I appreciate every single comment and mail and try my best to reply to them all. Because they make my day!

Ok, so spill the beans….What is in your makeup bag everyday?

I have my under eye concealer, a cream blush, lip balm and lash curlers. Also, a concealer brush, which is usually one from the Real Techniques Eye Starter Kit.

On a night out, what products do you carry with you in your bag?

I always make sure that I have my concealer, blush and lipstick still looking beautiful on a night out, so I carry them in my hand bag.

What are your must have beauty products?

First, concealer! It’s a must have for me. I love covering my dark under eye circles. Next, black eye kohl and mascara. I feel naked without them.

Your makeup looks are always so beautiful. Where do you get your inspiration from and who’s makeup looks do you admire?

Keira Knightley and Kate Middleton. I love wearing burgundy and browns just like Keira does. I admire the simple, yet elegant look of Kate.

What is your favourite current makeup trend?

‘Smokey eyes, nude lips’ this is my all time favourite trend but since it’s summer time, I embrace the naked eyes, bright lips thing.

Yes we too are loving bright lips this summer. What would be your number one makeup tip when trying new makeup looks?

Blend, blend, blend! Makeup is all about patience. The more you blend, the more smokey it gets.

Finally, if you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?

So many. Music: Maroon 5 and Christina Perri. Actor: Bradley Cooper and Makeup Artist: Pixiwoos, absolutely!


Quick Fire Five:

Favourite Food: Lasagne and Mant? (Turkish Ravioli)

Favourite Place: Rome and Amsterdam. I would live there my whole life! Also, my biggest dream is visiting Dublin and Oslo, Norway.

Favourite Shop: Topshop and Cloud 10 Beauty.

Favourite Book: Angela’s Ashes. Made me thankful for anything that I have. I cried throughout the whole book. Everyone should read it.

Favourite Movie: Serendipity! I’ve seen it almost 40 times and never gotten bored!


Thanks so much Gorkem, that was really interesting.

You can check out Gorkem’s blog here

Watch Gorkem’s Daytime Smokey Eye Tutorial

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