Brush cleaning has never been more enjoyable!

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The beauty must have of the minute comes in the form of Sigma Beauty’s Spa Brush Cleaning Mat. The brush mat is designed as a hands-free brush cleaning tool that features 7 exclusive textures for both eyes and face brushes for overall cleaning control on a flat surface. The mat is a similar idea to Sigma Beauty’s Brush Cleaning Glove only the mat has been designed to sit in your sink so that you have full control over the cleaning of your brushes.

The Sigma 10959775_10153824292712699_8376697721676117081_nBeauty Spa Brush Cleaning Mat is a super quick and easy way to clean your brushes. Brush cleaning has never been more enjoyable! The mat is uniquely designed to fit most sinks and includes suction cups on the bottom to secure placement on flat surfaces. There is face and eye textures on the mat that are uniquely designed to ensure a deep clean of your brushes.


The innovative design makes it super easy to deep cleanse your brushes. It will leave your brushes clean, fluffy and shapely. Give your brushes the ultimate Spa treat!

The Sigma Beauty Spa Brush Cleaning Mat is available now on Only €32.00 you can also check out our full range of Sigma Beauty here.

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