Cleanse Off Mitt – Have you tried it yet?

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Cleanse Off Mitt   Cleanse Off Mitt

Have you heard about the new cleansing craze sweeping the nation? The Cleanse Off Mitt has only recently launched on Cloud 10 Beauty and it has quickly become one of our bestselling products.Very simply, Cleanse off Mitt is designed to remove all traces of makeup with JUST the mitt itself, i.e. NO cleanser is needed! Just add water to the mitt and remove all makeup/pollution etc. from the face. Easy peasy! Quick and affordable!
The gentle microfibre cleaning action removes a full face of makeup including mascara with nothing but water. Model and Actress, Michelle McGrath confirmed that Cleanse off Mitt removed all of her and Nadia Forde’s stage makeup during the Tivoli panto period!
Cleanse Off Mitt recommend that, if you love using your cleanser, to use the Mitt as a pre cleanser. So ultimately Cleanse Off Mitt is used first to take the ‘days grime away’ while the cleanser is then used on fresh skin to actually treat the skin. However we find when we use the Mitt with a cleanser, it turbo boosts your cleanser, quickly eliminating even the most stubborn makeup for a deep clean.   Michelle McGrath at Tivalio Panto
The Cleanse Off Mitt is ideal for travel, gym goers, late nights, busy Mums and those lazy moments when you might be tempted to reach for a packet of wipes. It is an ideal replacement for those with a dependency on wipes, harsh products, scrubs, soaps etc as they often sensitise the skin, dehydrate it while altering the natural acid mantle/ protective layer of our skin.
Cleanse Off Mitt
In fact Cleanse Off Mitt have launched an online campaign to Bin the Wipes! #binthewipes.   The self confessed skincare nerds at Cleanse Off Mitt say   People tend to just use wipes, soap or shower gel on a daily basis which are often more alkaline than the skin which is acidic, i.e. causing a breeding ground for bacteria whilst disrupting the natural PH balance of the skin, which means its ‘defenses’ are down.”

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