Cocoa Brown Goes To Hollywood

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Cocoa Brown Goes to Hollywood!Cocoa Brown Goes to Hollywood!

Fabulous dresses, gorgeous makeup, glowing tans, and social networking – Yes, this was the highlight of Sunday nights Oscars Awards for us!  If you were following The Oscars on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (sure who wasn’t) then you may know that Cocoa Brown are just back after a fabulous week in Los Angeles.

Marissa Carter and her talented team flew Cocoa Brown all the way to Hollywood to help get the stars ready before their big night at the Academy Awards. The Penthouse Suite on the top floor of the legendary Beverly Hilton Hotel was transformed into a Cocoa Brown ‘pink party’. Some of the beautiful celebrities who were bronzed to perfection by the Cocoa Brown team included 12 Years a Slave Executive Producers wife Gayle & Rosie Goodwin. Didn’t they look fabulous!

Cocoa-Brown Goes to Hollywood


Marissa, speaking about the Pre-Oscars event and her excitement about spending time rubbing shoulders with celebrities in Hollywood says

Marissa Carter in Hollywood

It’s amazing that I launched Cocoa Brown just over 1 year ago and here I am in the Beverly Hilton Hotel tanning all these celebrity clients. Not only is it great for an Irish brand, but for a brand like us that is still so young. I just know the celebrities will love their Cocoa Brown glow!

After all the excitement of Cocoa Brown at the Oscars, they still had time to release their fabulous new tanning products including 1 Hour Travel Tan, Lovely Legs, 1 Hour Tan Dark & Gentle Bronze Gradual Moisturiser.

New Cocoa Brown Products

If you were able to tan one celebrity for The Oscars, who would it be? We asked ourselves this question and I think it would have to be Bradley Cooper (for obvious reasons). Giovanna xx


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