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Once upon a time, contouring was one of the best kept secrets of the stars. This popular makeup trend lets us enhance our features, adding both definition and shape using clever shadowing and highlighting.  It makes us wonder how did we ever do our makeup before?!

Whether you prefer using powder contour or cream contour,  Sleek MakeUP have you covered with a great range of budget friendly contour kits.

Here at #Cloud10HQ we have carefully constructed the perfect step by step guide to contouring, so that you can expertly accentuate and enhance your natural features to create a defined and flawless look, so grab your favourite contour kit and let’s get started!

Contour kits and contour makeup from Sleek MakeUP How to Contour:

1. Base
Always start by applying your favourite foundation as normal as this will give you a good base to work on. Two we love are Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Amazing Cosmetics’ Amazing Concealer Foundation.

If you’re using cream contour, apply before face powder. For powder contour, apply face powder or setting powder first, so you can sweep on and blend your contour powder easily.

2. Duck Face!
Now, let’s begin our contouring. Suck in those cheeks and don’t worry about looking ridiculous for a moment. Using an angled contour brush, like the F04 face brush from Blank Canvas Cosmetics, apply a darker shade of contour into hollow under your cheekbone. Sweep diagonally towards your ear and blend it in.

Next, apply the same shade to the sides of your nose if you want to create the impression of a slimmer nose. Apply to the temples, just under the hairline and under your chin to create a defined and slimmed down look.

How to contour: Apply contour makeup for a defined look

3.High-light it up!
Apply the lightest shade from your contour kit – or a separate highlighter like the Mary-Lou Manizer  – wherever sunlight would naturally fall on your face. Usually this is down the centre of your nose, in an upside-down triangle under your eyes, and across the top of your cheekbone.

Highlight the arch of your brows, the centre of your forehead and the centre of your chin. You can also apply a touch of highlighter to your cupids bow to make your lips look fuller.


4. Blend, blend and blend again!
Now it’s time to blend your contour. If you’ve been using cream contour and highlighter, you’ll be blending it into your foundation.

Blend and blend again to make sure there are no harsh lines left behind and you will achieve a gorgeous flawless finish.

Finally, apply a light blush to the apples of your cheek to complete your gorgeous, sculpted, supermodel-worthy look.

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