Dress yourself in gold with St. Tropez’ most luxurious tan yet!

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St. Tropez is an iconic and leading self-tan brand that offers a wide range of high quality fake tans for both the face and body so we were super excited to get the opportunity to meet with St. Tropez’ global ambassador and celeb tanner Jules Heptonstall! Jules talked everything tan to us, including the fabulous new launches from St. Tropez, the Luxe Dry Oil and the Luxe Dry Facial Oil.Luxe-Facial-Oil-30ml-(pipet

Luxe-Dray-OilThe Luxe Dry Oil and Luxe Dry Facial Oil are St. Tropez’most luxurious tans yet that provide a natural-looking, streak-free, golden tan that lasts for up to 10 days. Wow a golden glow for 10 days? We’re loving this little bottle of luxury already! A Brazilian inspired non-greasy formula that contains a 100% natural tanning agent and is suitable for all skin tones, these tans also feature a 100% natural fragrance so there’s no tell-tale fake tan smell, phew!

Jules reckons these little beauty’s will be regulars on the red carpet and a must have for all makeup artists and we can say we’re surprised! Luxe Dry Oil €32.50, Luxe Dry Facial Oil €31.95.

Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse Jules also revealed that his favourite tan is St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse, a firm favourite of ours too! This wonder tan allows you to tan and shower in as little as 1 hour! For a light glow, shower within 1 hour or for a rich dark tan, shower after 3 hours. It couldn’t be simpler! Only €40.95

Jules shared with us some fantastic tips on how to apply the new Express Self Tan Mousse and the new Luxe Dry Tanning Oils;

  • Apply the new Luxe Dry Facial oil with bare hands washing hands straight after. Apply every 2-3 days as your skin cell renewal is much quicker on your face meaning tan will fade slightly quicker than on your body.
  • For applying the Express tan, after you have showered, pat yourself dry and then use an aloe-vera based moisturiser which will hydrate your skin while the tan develops.
  • For applying tan to the face, always exfoliate! Splash your face with cold water to shut your pores so they don’t get clogged with tan. Try to use a tan specially formulated for the face, if you are using a normal tan, mix with a pea sized amount of moisturiser which will soften the formula down. If you are fair haired moisturise eyebrows and hairline beforehand and wipe eyebrows after wards using a cotton bud.
  • Jules loves to use Express Bronze mousse for quick body contouring. To perfect this technique using the Express tan, Jules recommends applying a full body application and showering after 1-3 hours depending on the depth of colour you desire. This provides the perfect base colour. After your shower apply Express Tan Mousse on the inside of the thighs, on the outer parts of your stomach, underneath your collar bones and underneath jawline to create a perfectly contoured, slimmer looking you!

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