Great Eyebrows – 5 tricks for your best brows ever!

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If eyes are the window to your soul, think of your eyebrows as the window frames.

Your eyebrows can change the way your entire face looks, and are easily one of the most important features of your face. Gone are the days of plucking your eyebrows away to within an inch of their lives, big brows are in!

So arm yourself with your tweezers, brow pencil or powder and your favourite highlighter because we have sourced the ultimate 5 tricks to get your brow game #onfleek!

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1. Lighting is everything

Beware fluorescent lights! Bathroom lighting is the enemy for amazing brows, you should only ever get your tweeze on in natural light. Not only will you get a more accurate idea of how your eyebrows look mid-shape, but you’ll be able to see stray hairs that you wouldn’t notice under bathroom lights.

And step away from those magnifying mirrors, or you could end up with an over-plucked eyebrow disaster on your hands!

 2. Know your shapeEyebrow Outlining

Before you pluck, outline your ideal shape with a sharp brow pencil, or add a few hair-like strokes to fill in your brow with a brow pen. This can also help to prevent over-plucking.

We love the Eye of Horus Brow Define or Sigma Beauty Brow Pencil.          

3. Choose the perfect shade for you!

Don’t try to match your hair colour exactly. If your hair is light, choose a brow colour one shade darker and if your hair is dark, you could go one shade lighter. For our fiery red heads, a light to medium neutral brown shade is ideal, while our black haired beauties should steer away from jet black and towards a very dark grey or brown for a gorgeous, natural look.

The PIXI Brow Powder Palette means you can mix and match for your perfect shade (Bonus: any colour that doesn’t suit your brows can be used as eyeshadow!)

4. Brow arch and highlighting hackEyebrows: Use highlighter to enhance your brows

It’s time to take your eyebrows from good to GREAT! An easy way to achieve a youthful look  is to apply the most brow colour intensity to the arch of your brow, giving your eyebrow a more lifted appearance.

Next up is your highlighter; apply directly below your brow, right on the brow bone and blend evenly with your finger for even greater definition of your arch and brow shape. No highlighter handy? A white eye shadow works just as good!

For an all-purpose highlighter, you just can’t beat theBalm’s Mary Lou Manizer or for something specially designed for brows, try the Sigma Beauty Brow Highlighting Pencil.

5. Don’t worry if your eyebrows don’t match exactly

Don’t fight your eyebrows’ natural shape! Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins, so don’t try to get them exactly the same. Don’t look for the perfect symmetry, it’s normal to have some variation in the width, arch and length of your brows.

If you’re feeling inspired, we’ve got just about every brow tool you could wish for, including some amazing brow kits over on eyebrows page.

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