Vita Liberata’s Top Fake Tanning Tips with Alyson Hogg

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Vita Liberata Luxury Tanning

We have spoken to Vita Liberata to get the best tips and tricks to create your best tan ever!  The CEO of  Vita Liberata, Alyson Hogg stated, “don’t moisturise underneath our tans”, this is because their amazing tan includes a nourishing complex, pentavitin, which ensures an easy streak free application with a natural fade!

Application Tips;
Always exfoliate before tanning.

 Use before showering, working in the skin conditioning extracts and paying particular attention to areas such as elbows, knees, knuckles and ankles. Then rinse for perfect preparation. Dry your skin thoroughly.

Vita Liberata Tanning MittNECK & FACE
Using Rich for Face, apply liberally as you would a moisturiser on face and neck, blending down to décolletage. Wipe upper lip and eyebrows with a dry towel to ensure they are not overly dark.

Vita Liberata Tanning

Upper legs: Tan around the back of the knee, and lightly across the front of the knee. Ensure that all areas are covered in product. Bend knee when tanning. For the thigh you may want to use two or three pumps at a time. Using the same sweeping movements, take tan all over thigh and buttocks. Then move on the abdomen.
Body:Continue across abdomen and back, finishing with the chest and décolletage, blending the body tan at the base of the neck and across the shoulders back towards your arms.
Arms: Starting at the shoulder, tan your arm, the edge of your shoulder, and as far around the back of your shoulder as you can reach.  Apply to the side of the body/breast, under the back of the arm and lightly around the armpit. Tan the rest of the arm using one pump of product at a time, blending around the wrist to about 2mm away from the heel of the hand. Now, with what is left on the mitt, apply to the back of the hands.
Hands: Keeping the fingers closed to avoid tanning between them (this would look very unnatural), work away from the nails toward the back of the hand to avoid staining the nail bed. Now open the fingers and gently blend the side of each finger in turn.
Always wipe the elbows, knuckles and nails with a slightly damp cloth to remove any excess product for a superbly natural finish.
Let us know how you got on with these tanning tips from Vita Liberata. 
If you have any more secret tanning tips, share with us and your cloud10 friends! :) xx

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