Hair Crimes – Are you guilty?

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We ladies will do practically anything to look good and that includes committing some horrible hair crimes. We have all been guilty of these at some time in our life. The trick is learning how to negate the damage as much as possible.

orofluido hair mask

Over use of heated appliances

Whether it’s constant straightening or curling, heat will dry out your hair leading to dry ends and hair longing for moisture. If you are guilty of this, make sure to always use a heat protectant spray like Tigi Sleek Mystique haute iron spray. Also treat your hair to a weekly intensive mask like the Orofluido Hair Mask or Tigi Wonderful Tonight overnight treatment.


Tigi session dry shampoo

Gently blot your hair to remove excess water and leave to dry naturally from time to time to give your hair a much needed break.


If you are one of those people who like to wash their hair everyday, then you could be leaving your hair and scalp dry and in need of moisture. Why not try a dry shampoo like Tigi Session Series Dry Shampoo on in between days to keep your hair looking fresh.

Over use of elastic bands and back combing

If you are rough with your hair chances are it is going to look rough! You can cause damage which will leave you hair more difficult to manage and looking dry. Try to seal the cuticle with a cold water rinse after washing and use the correct styling products to protect the hair.

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