HealGel Intensive

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HealGel Available on Cloud 10 Beauty
The infamous HealGel has just landed onto Cloud 10 Beauty. If you have not heard about the advanced skin care formula of HealGel then you are truly missing out. The cult brand is loved and adored by everyone including celebrities, top publications & bloggers from around the world.


HealGel Intensive

Formulated by an A List Actress, four cosmetic surgeons & a renowned dermatological biochemist, HealGel has become a worldwide, beauty phenomenon. The outstanding team combined their knowledge and resources to create their first product, HealGel Intensive. They wanted to create a product that they believed would help them in their own careers as well as providing a product that was genuinely effective.


HealGel Intensive is a nourishing & healing gel which brings together the best active ingredients to protect & repair your skin.  The Intensive gel aids a speedy recovery for a wide range of common skin concerns.  Patrick Mullucci, one of the founders of HealGel, informs us that there are three phases in the recovery process of the skin & HealGel Intensive was designed to target each one.


1 –  Inflammation – HealGel contains arnica & many anti-inflammatory components to target and reduce any inflammation on the skin. HealGel Intensive also contains anti-inflammatory Haloxyl. The tetrapeptide aids the reduction of swelling under the eyes & is absorbed quickly into the deeper layer of the skin, encouraging cellular boosting mechanisms.


2 – Healing – Madecassoside is renowned for its healing properties & is extracted from Centella Asiatica to help soothe, reduce irritation, sensitivity & redness on the skin. Madecassoside is a vital component in the HealGel Intensive formula to help the skin heal as quick and effectively as possible.

HealGel Intensive


3 – Remodeling – The innovative gel contains many skin remodelling ingredients including silicone & collaxyl. The silicone component supports collagen remodelling which effectively reduces the appearance of scaring. Collaxyl was specifically created to increase the production of collagen to help stimulate regeneration of the skin, including wound, scar healing & complete skin regeneration.


If you are looking for a miracle working, all rounder healing serum, then Heal Gel Intensive is for you. Luckily, after the worldwide success of HealGel Intensive, HealGel created HealGel Face & HealGel Eye, which are now also available on Cloud 10 Beauty. Giovanna x



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