Interview with Celebrity Manicurist Elle

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Interview with celebrity manicurist

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting & interviewing Red Carpet Manicure Brand Ambassador & manicurist to the stars, Elle. Elle works with some of the most amazing celebrities out there, including Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Blake Lively & many more. Enjoy our interview below where we get an insight into Elle’s life & some of her fab nailcare tips & favourite trends;

Give us a typical day in the life of Elle.

I am a nail stylist, a trend forecaster + a spokesperson so everyday’s different, I don’t have a typical 9-5, although sometimes I wish I did. I can’t even book a doctor’s appointment. I am a mother of a 21 year old and I am an avid boater, so I wish I had more time to spend on the boat.

Do you ever get star struck when you meet all the celebrities?

With the husbands, I do. Like Will Smith & Stevie Wonder. But growing up with Jennifer Lopez I don’t get as star struck, but I am honoured to be with them and meeting them. 

How do you keep your nails looking so amazing?

Gel, that’s why I love gel so much, you put it on and you don’t have to worry about it for 2 weeks!

And do you have any tips for us ladies?

YES, it’s not the gel that damages your nails it’s the removal process. I’d rather you had more patience with the removal process and really learning how to do it instead of mechanically prying it from your nail. Even if the whole removal process took half an hour of your time, I wear mine for up to 3 weeks. It is a small price to pay, for the length of time and sheen and to not even worry about your nails for up to 2 weeks. So, that’s my key.

Have you always been creative?

I wish I was more creative, some of the textures that are out now are so phenomenal, I can’t even compete. It’s hard because I am travelling so I don’t get to educate myself as much as I would like. Pinterest and Instagram have kept me really fluent but I still wish I had more interaction time to do it.

Where do you get your inspiration for nail designs?

I think its everyday life. Really it’s just everyday walks of life, even now being in Ireland, seeing their style and just looking out the window, inspirations comes from everything.

What’s your favourite current trend?

I love all the textures, the textures have also gone to the kitchen sink on your nails. It’s like how much more are you going to stick on your nails! I get it for the editorial factor, but for the everyday real factor I don’t know if I’m so big on the concrete trends. For an editorial, I totally understand it & would get it done. I was one of the trend setters years ago when I first started double painting the nails before Louboutins.  Like I said everyday is inspiration & you just never know.

One of our favourite ways of relaxing is getting a manicure, do you have another way to relax yourself?

My key phrase is ‘You are never fully dressed without a manicure’, it’s just the way I have always felt, I have always hated getting my nails done. I can sit in work for hours, but to sit and get worked on I feel like I am back at work, so that’s not relaxing for me and manicurists can’t do what I can do. When I take my daughter for a pedicure she says why do you put yourself through this, and it’s true, its torture for me. Relaxing for me is going out onto the boat and spending time with my family and friends and really just enjoying life. My days off are definitely my relaxing days.

From all your celebrity customers what is the most popular manicure at the moment? Is there anything that stands out?

From JLo to Pink, they are so different in character, I have to get into their role. I think that’s the difference in my mind set of being a manicurist, I can cater for everybody. So I go on personal style, more than what is current. The trend for Jennifer is going to be different to the trend for pink. People ask me what my favourite colour is, but I don’t have a favourite colour, I go on what someone’s personal style is and that’s my favourite.

Is there anyone that you have not had the chance to give a manicure to but would love to?

I’ve been called by Rihanna but not had the pleasure yet, she has called & I’m not available, so she’s one I would love to because of the creativity.

You guys are great question askers, I wish you could interview me all the time!

Watch Elle answer our quick fire 5:

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