Is Men’s Skin Really Different to Women’s Skin?

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Is Mens Skin Really That Different to Womens

Have you ever wondered is men’s skin really that different from women’s skin? The answer is yes, men’s skin is actually significantly different to that on a woman. Firstly, the fact men can grow a beard is one pretty obvious difference, but there are many more that we may not be able to see. Men’s skin is more assaulted, the layers of skin are thicker, oilier and more marked by fatigue. Want to know more, then please read on….



NUXE Men Skincare ModelMore Assaulted – There are many ways men can damage their skin, the main one is razor burn. Unfortunately men’s skin becomes more sensitive and reactive with daily shaving, because of this, men are more prone to redness and irritation.

NUXE Men have introduced their shaving gel & after shave balm so that daily shaving can be gentler on the skin. The paraben free formula contains Plant Glycerin, Sandalwood, Phellodendron and a Urea Derivitive for a more comfortable, soothing shaving experience. Only €12.50/ £11.95

Thicker Skin – Men’s skin is, on average, 25% thicker than ladies skin due to testosterone. Cell renewal is slower under the influence of testosterone and the thicker layer of skin can encourage ingrown hairs. The positive side of this is that men will stay looking younger for longer! Even though men have an anti-aging advantage, this is no reason to disregard an anti-aging skincare routine.

Introducing NUXE Men Multi-Purpose Gel and Eye Cream into your skincare routine will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. Formulated with 91% natural ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Baobab Leaves & Plant Glycerin, NUXE Men Multi-Purpose Gel offers long lasting hydration, and smoothes any visible signs of fatigue. Only €19.95/ £17.50

Oilier Skin – Have you ever noticed that men are more prone to acne for longer periods of time than women? Natural oil secretion by the sebaceous glands is much more abundant in men than in women, resulting in blemishes and breakouts.

NUXE Men have used Baobab tree in all of their products as it absorbs quickly without leaving an oily residue while moisturising and protecting the skin.

More Marked by Fatigue – Stress is also more evident on men’s skin than on women’s. Expression lines, puffiness and dark circles become more visible as a result.

NUXE Men created their skincare with a mixture of Oak, Sandalwood & Araucaria to protect, soothe and repair the skin, helping to protect the epidermal cells from cellular stress. Their Multi-Purpose Eye Cream is particularly good for reducing the signs of fatigue and stress as it uses botanical caffeine to decrease the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles. Only €18.50/ £15.95.

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Read more about our NUXE Men Skincare range here. 


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