Liz Dwyer’s top tips for a complete skin detox!

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Beauty expert Liz Dwyer taking us through her top pics for a January skin detox.

Did you spot the fabulous Liz Dwyer on Xpose recently sharing her top skin detox tips? When is comes to skincare there is very little Liz does not know and she says these products will help get your skin back in tip top shape “removing dead skin that has been sitting under the Christmas tan”.

Mio’s Double Buff Dual Action Enzyme ExfoliatorMio

Liz describes this wonder product as “a really good, intensive exfoliator for the body” and we couldn’t agree more! Mio’s Double Buff Dual Action Enzyme Exfoliator banishes dead skin cells, encourages the production of new skin. It’s perfect for anywhere that needs a bit of extra attention as this little beauty brightens, tightens and transforms the surface of your skin.  Only €26.95


Liquid-goldAlpha-H Liquid Gold

For the face Liz is a huge fan of Alpha-H’s bestselling product – Liquid Gold. She says it is “a very good acid for taking away melanin patches, brown patches and acne scarring”. This cult beauty product is taking the world by storm due to its many skin benefits. Fun Fact – this product was named liquid gold as it was dubbed pure liquid gold by reviewers after initial trials! We bet you will agree once you try it for yourself. Only €37.95

Facial Radiance Pads


Facial Radiance Pads

The perfect skin savior this January comes in the form of First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance Pads. “We’re all about our glycolics this year” says Liz, “and these are great for clearing all the debris off the skin and anywhere you need a bit of deep cleansing”. These little miracle workers are super quick and easy to use and they tone, brighten and exfoliate your skin all at once. Only €26.95


Nip and Fab Detox Blend Gift Set

Containing Nip and Fab’s Detox Blend Body Wash, Detox Blend Body Scrub and Detox Blend Body Lotion, Liz says this gift set will “kick you into shape first thing in the morning”. The Detox Blend range combines fresh and rejuvenating fragrance notes of tea tree, green tea and delicate jasmine with detoxifying frankincense. Also another reason we all love Nip + Fab is that it is easy on the purse strings! Only €12.95Nip&Fab Detox Blend Gift Set

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