NEW Sigma Beauty Brow Tweezer

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Sigma Beauty Tweezers

NEW Sigma Beauty Individual Brow Tweezer

Are strong, bold brows a one season wonder?? Definitely not, we’ve seen them on runways, the red carpet & now celebrities & models are rocking strong, well defined eyebrows! BUT this doesn’t mean you can forget about your tweezers. When Cara Delevingne arrived on the scene, her full bodied, stunning eyebrows definitely made an impact. There was a noticeable increase in the demand for strong, bold and more natural shaped brows! 

Cara Delevingne


This was the perfect time for Sigma Beauty to introduce the latest edition to their brow collection…..BRIGHT PINK BROW TWEEZERS. The tweezers are really cute & would be the perfect addition to your makeup bag. The girlie tweezers were custom made with a precise angled edge, making it easier to accurately remove unwanted stray hairs. 

Sigma Beauty Tweezers

After tweezing, if you wish to further define your brow & add shape, apply some Sigma Beauty Powder with an angled brush. Finish off your look by applying some highlighter on the brow arch to further enhance the shape of your brows!

And voila….Perfect brows!

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