Salon style hair made easy with Pro Blo

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Pro Blo CurlME lets you create salon style hair at home

Have you always wished you could create gorgeous salon-style volume and waves at home, but don’t have the patience to wrestle with endless styling tools?

Pro Blo‘s CurlME is a genius kit that makes blow drying hair super simple. The unique concept combines hair brushes with rollers for fast and easy styling, whether you want extra root lift, big volume, or glamorous waves.

How to use

Pro Blo CurlME How to use

Simply blast your hair with a hair dryer to roughly three-quarters dry. Comb out any tangles.






Pro Blo CurlME How to use

Divide your hair into 6-8 sections. Attach a barrel to the brush handle. Blow dry one section of hair while pulling the brush from root to end.






Pro Blo CurlME How to use

Wrap the dried section around the barrel, rolling it up from root to end, then use a hair clip  to hold it in place. Press the easy release button to remove the brush handle from the barrel.






Pro Blo CurlME How to use

Add another barrel to the brush handle and repeat until all hair is rolled up.







Leave the barrels to set until hair is cool.






Pro Blo CurlME How to use

Quickly spritz with your favourite hairspray, then remove by lifting the barrels upwards for extra root lift.






The ceramic barrels can become hot from blow drying. CurlME is not recommended for really long hair due to the hair being wrapped around the barrel.

Pro Blo CurlMe - create beautiful salon style curls

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