Sanctuary Trim and Tone Wraps: Tried and Tested

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Sanctuary Trim & ToneDiet plan? Check. Gym membership? Check. And yet like us, you’re still scouring the market for that “final push” product before you attempt to slip into your bikini this summer?

Well look no further ladies. Sanctuary has given us a new-found hope in the form of the Sanctuary Trim & Tone Wrap. It has been said that they are a beacon of hope for all the women who hope to have that modelesque figure one day.

So with that ever-so tempting thought lingering in our minds, we knew we’d have to put this product to the test asap. A few of our girls here at Cloud 10 Beauty were only too happy to volunteer to try out the wraps for you and we have the results right here!

First up, what’s in the kit? The kit contains four wrap bandages, the Sanctuary Trim & Tone Body Clay, a measuring tape and an exfoliating loofah.

Sanctuary say that the wraps tone up “problem” areas with the use of the purified body clay which has been infused with a complex of natural ingredients that encourage collagen synthesis. We’ve been told that the clinical tests have shown that women lost an average of 5cm in just one full body application, so our girls were eager to get started to say the least!

The application of both the clay and wraps were very simple.

Firstly using the exfoliating body loofah, you gently brush the dry skin in a circular motion to stimulate natural drainage and improve your skins absorption of the clay. A thin layer of the clay isthen massaged over the chosen areas before wrapping the wraps tightly around that body area or areas. After an hour of relaxation, the wraps are removed and the clay is washed off.

The results I hear you cry? Well one of the Cloud 10 Beauty girls lost almost 5 INCHES in total, whereas our other colleague lost a total of 3 inches on her stomach area. Three days later 1 inch had crept back on so she did the wrap again and lost a further 2 inches.

 However the results are not permanent. For best results we found that treating the area twice, 2 -3 days apart gave the longest lasting results. We also found that the results lasted much longer when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

So it’s a thumbs up to the Sanctuary Trim & Tone Wraps from Cloud 10 Beauty. The question is now, what do you think? The Santuary Trim & Tone Wraps are available from Cloud 10 Beauty, £25.95/€30.95.

Grab yours here, and say hello to that bikini body!

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