Sigma Beauty Exclusive New Brush Design

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Sigma Beauty Brushes

Sigma Beauty are making some new and exciting changes to their makeup brush range. Throughout 2013 the clever folks at Sigma Beauty HQ has been updating their brushes to a new unique three ring ferrule design. Sigma Beauty brushes are renowned for their high quality and durability, however this new unique feature provides superior strength. It is also an industry first and with a patent pending, you are unlikely to find this unique new design on any other brand of makeup brush.


This design is being rolled out slowly across the world and Cloud 10 Beauty have many of the new brushes in stock right now. All product images on our site have been updated to show the new three ring ferrule where they are available. You will also be able to recognize Sigma brushes by the new Sigma® on the brush ferrule and handle.

Sigma Beauty are also in the process of changing their coloured brush ferrules in the Make Me Kits and Mrs Bunny Kits to silver. These new silver ferrules will also have the unique three ring design.

Sigma Beauty

The last distinguishing feature of the new brush design is the country of origin displayed on the back of the brush. Sigma brushes once displayed USA on the front of the brush, because Sigma is U.S.A. based company. However, they are now changing this to Made in China. During the transition period you may receive some brushes which have a sticker saying made in China while other brushes will carry the made in China stamp like the picture below.

Sigma Beauty makeup brushes

As always Sigma Beauty are at the forefront of innovation in the Beauty Industry and we are really excited by these new and clever innovations in their brush design.

What do you think of the new Sigma Beauty Brushes?

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