Sinead Cady’s new book: TheMakeupChair Handbook

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Sinead Cady book - TheMakeupChair handbook, available on Cloud 10 Beauty

Top Irish beauty blogger and vlogger Sinead Cady has just launched her first ever book, TheMakeupChair Handbook.

Packed with step-by-step guides and illustrations covering everything from how to contour to applying false lashes, follow the instructions and you’ll soon be applying your makeup like a pro. Sinead also details some of her favourite makeup looks and makeup tips for every face and eye shape.

We caught up with her recently to ask a few questions, including what her weirdest beauty tip is, and what is the one product she can’t live without…

What sparked your interest in makeup ?Sinead Cady

My love of makeup really comes from my mom. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup till I was in my teens but I used to love asking her what different products were for and how to use them. I found it very artistic and as much as I love applying my own makeup, as I got older I found it way more fun to do my friends’ makeup and teach them things my mom had taught me.

How would you describe your attitude to makeup and beauty?

I want people to feel beautiful and confident. I don’t believe that makeup is a way to ‘cover’ or ‘hide’ but a way to enhance and bring out someone’s best features. As long as it makes you feel good – do it!

Who are your beauty icons?

I love Kate Middleton, she knows what works for her and she doesn’t follow trends. Her beauty is timeless!

What’s the weirdest beauty tip you’ve ever received – or something that seems like it shouldn’t work but totally does?

I think the weirdest beauty tip is Colour Correcting, using greens and yellows to counteract red or purple to brighten grey skin. I covered this in the book, it’s such an artistic way to use makeup and I love it!

Is there one beauty product you can’t live without?

I change all the time but at the moment it’s the Pippa Palette from Blank Canvas cosmetics, it has everything in one and I use it everyday.

Sinead shows off her must-have product - the Pippa Palette from Blank Canvas cosmetics

Sinead shows off her must-have product – the Pippa Palette from Blank Canvas cosmetics

What’s your favourite makeup look?

I call it “Glamorous Girl Next Door” – it’s a natural look but with a little something extra, maybe highlighter, lashes or a red lip (or all three).

If there’s one single beauty tip or trick you could share, what would it be?

Skin care is key to any makeup look. Spending ten minutes extra a night on good skin care can mean saving ten minutes in the morning applying makeup.

What’s the one thing you’d like people to come away with, after reading the book or using some of the techniques?

To feel confident not only in the way they look but confident in their knowledge of makeup. There is nothing worse then worrying if you are doing something correctly especially when it’s painted all over your face for the world to see, that’s why I keep things really simple, so anyone can follow and learn!

What was writing the book like?

The most stressful thing I have ever done! I had no idea how much work it takes to create a book especially when you control everything like me. There is no page in the book that I didn’t have a 100% say in.

How do you feel now that it’s launched?

At first it was such a relief to have it finished but now I am enjoying it and loving the feedback!

Sinead’s book TheMakeupChair Handbook is available now from – international shipping available.

Don’t forget to check out Sinead’s blog and YouTube channel.


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