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Top-AdnewIt’s that time of year again. The festive period has come and gone and after over-indulging just a little, you want to cleanse and reboot your system. Well we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Fabuloss Detox Tea is a 2 step, 14 day detox that cleanses and detoxes your system while helping you to lose weight and feel great while you do it. So what are you waiting for!

Fabuloss Morning Boost For that much needed morning boost, start your day off with one cup of Fabuloss Morning Boost tea – the perfect energy boost to get you through the day.  Made from a combination of 10 different natural herbs including nettle, fennel & hawthorn, Fabuloss Detox Teas help to flush waste and other products out of the bowel and boost the digestive system.

The Morning Boost includes a delicious combination of cranberry, blackcurrant and chamomile, all natural aids in weight loss and cleansing. Cranberry can help the body burn fat more efficiently by helping to detoxify and flush out the system, ridding the body of unwanted fat deposits.

Fabuloss Detox Teas Cranberries, blackcurrants, chamomile

Blackcurrants are full of nutrients for increased energy and vitality and chamomile is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin A, helping you to lose weight in an easier, faster and balanced manner.

Fabuloss Detox Tea night time cleanse contains lemon grass, an anti-oxidant that helps to balance the digestive system and senna leaves that work as a natural, gentle laxative that help to boost weight loss efforts. Imagine that, losing weight while you sleep!

Just like your regular cup of tea, which us girls love! These teas are so simple to make.

Morning Boost: Make one cup in the morning using one tea bag per cup. Pour freshly boiled water and brew for 5 minutes before drinking. Drink one cup per day for up to 14 days.

Night Cleanse: Make one cup before bedtime using one tea bag per cup. Pour on freshly boiled water and brew for 5 minutes before drinking. Drink one cup per every second day for no more than 7 consecutive

Fabuloss Morning Boost  €14.95 and Fabuloss Detox Tea night time cleanse  €14.95 can be bought separately or you can take the 2 step detox with Fabuloss Detox Tea Duo Pack €28.95




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