TIGI Dumb Blonde – New + Improved

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TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde
Calling all beach blonde babes, we have a solution to all your haircare needs, don’t thank us, thank TIGI (well you can thank us if you want to). Introducing the NEW + improved Dumb Blonde by TIGI Bed Head! The new formula is now even kinder to your blonde tresses, banishing all of you hair nightmares! Despite what the name suggests, TIGI Dumb Blonde is far from dumb, the innovative formula is packed with lots of healthy goodness for your hair & is so smart that it even helps protect your colour.TIGI Dumb Blonde Model

Dumb Blonde Shampoo

Unfortunately many shampoos disrupt the hairs PH, leading to dry & brittle hair & decreasing the longevity of your colour. TIGI Dumb Blonde is a PH Balanced shampoo, which doesn’t strip your hair, allowing you to get longer out of your salon (or home) colour and keeping your hair healthier for longer.
TIGI’s Dumb Blonde contains a technology called Addictive Repair™ which means the more you use Dumb Blonde, the stronger your hair becomes. Panthenol & Botanical Extracts work to condition & strengthen your hair while the Hydrolyzed Keratin improves the resistance to breakage.

TIGI Dumb Blonde - New + Improved

Dumb Blonde Reconstructor

TIGI’s deep conditioner gives your blonde locks a bit of life. Formulated with a unique Protein Booster Technology™ which restores the hair at its core. The fibre actives penetrate hair fibres and interact with the damaged hair protein to deliver measurable reconstruction benefits without weighing the hair down. Again the more you use it, the more it repairs!


Introduce TIGI Dumb Blonde into your haircare routine & bring your hair back to its healthier former self. Give your hair a little TLC, it has been through a lot!


PS. TIGI Dumb Blonde is now available in a Tween pack, which will save you nearly €15/ £15.

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