Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads

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Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads

We must admit, here in Cloud 10 Beauty, multi tasking products are definitely a favourite as they save time and money! Introducing the multi-tasking & award winning Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads.  If you have not heard of them, Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads not only do exactly what they say on the tin (plastic container), they also target spots, dots, lumps & bumps, all in the one pad!



Formulated with Salictyc Acid (an ingredient usually present in acne treatment products), Rosemary and Panthenol, Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads target and treat ingrown hairs while also banishing lumps & bumps. (If you want to learn more about how each of these products work, read below).

The multi-tasking pads can also be used on mens skin to get rid of the red lumps on their neck or face after shaving, so don ‘t be surprised if the man in your life keeps nabbing your Waxperts pads. WAIT there is more….the wonder product can also be used on breakouts or blemishes AND can be used on keratosis pilaris (the super annoying upper arm bumps) to reveal smooth, soft skin. 


The science behind the wonder ingredients:

Salicylic acid: This exfoliating ingredient causes skin cells to shed, opens clogged pored and neutralises bacteria within. It also prevents pores from clogging in the future. 

Rosemary: This ingredient has many beneficial anti-inflammatory properties.

Panthenol: An ingredient you may be less familiar with. Panthenol improves hydration while preventing inflammation on the skin and stopping skin from becoming itchy after waxing or shaving. 



If you don’t believe us, read some of these quotes from some fabulous beauty bloggers. If they don’t sway you, I am unsure what will!

The new Holy Grail Multi-tasker” – Dancing With Disaster

“Sometimes after tweezing my eyebrows I get little pimples come up and found by wiping a pad over the area afterwards it soothed it and hurrah no bumpy spots!” – Pixiwoo

“They take all of two seconds to use, they’re affordable and most importantly they really do work! They definitely win ‘Holy Grail’ Status in my books and I won’t be without them from now on”. – Give a Posy

These Ingrown Hair Pads eliminate any bumps from appearing and are really gentle on my overly sensitive skin” – Snapped Up Blog
They are like magic cotton discs that treat all those skin issues.” Sarah Hamersley


Will you be trying the revolutionary Waxperts Ingrown Hair pads? Only €7.99/ £6.50 for 40 pads. Shop now.

Waxperts now available on Cloud 10 Beauty

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