What is Hormonal Aging?

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What is Hormonal Aging? Can it be prevented? 

Hormonal ageing happens to everybody, it is a natural form of aging that occurs when levels of oestrogen decline, (this begins to happen long before menopause). Dr. Murad has stated that ‘by the time a woman reaches her twenties, she will have already begun to age and will probably show it.  You can take part in helping to reduce the effects of hormonal ageing by adopting a healthy lifestyle, reducing stress & taking care of your skin.

There are many different effects caused by hormonal ageing;

1) The skin loses collagen supplies, meaning that the skin becomes thin, making it fragile,there is a loss of firmness to the skin and fine lines & wrinkles begin to appear.

2) Cell renewal slows down making skin look dull & uneven and pores can get clogged easier.

3) Oil production can increase as skin becomes more dehydrated & coarse, making you prone to spot and blemish breakouts.

How can Hormonal Ageing be treated? 

Do you have a daily skin care regime? This is essential. Firstly, use a cleanser which exfoliates to restore radiance & which deeply hydrates the skin, like Murad Renewing Cleansing Cream. Secondly, using a treatment like Age Diffusing Serum to treat and repair your skin will firm your skin, reducing deep lines & wrinkles. Finish your daily routine off with Murad Age-Balancing Night Cream. This cream can help to balance hormonally ageing skin overnight through delivering intense hydration to the skin, without blocking pores. With the increased celll turnover, you will wake up looking & feeling young.

To completely treat hormonal ageing, you should adopt a healthy nutritious diet as well as having a great skin care regime. Fruits such as Pomegranates, Goji Berries & Kale are highly rich in antioxidants which help defend your skin against free radical damage. The addition of a healthy diet to your lifestyle will help ensure your skin is healthy and looking young.

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