Winterproof your Skincare Routine

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Winterproof your skincare routine

Cuddling up beside a roaring fire, hot chocolate on cold nights, dogs wearing cute jumpers and super soft pjs, what is not to LOVE about winter! Along with the positive, unfortunately there  a negative – winter can cause havoc on your skin & hair! Did you prepare your skincare routine for the change in climate? We have compiled a few tips to help you Winter proof your skincare routine, so you can put your best face forward this season –

MURAD Sunscreen
ALWAYS WEAR AN SPF –  Even if it is raining cats and dogs and there is not a sight of a blue sky, you should always wear some sunscreen! The winter sun & the glare from the snow can damage your precious skin as much as the blazing sun can!  Murad Sunscreen is hydrating and contains SPF30 so it is perfect for everyday use.
Exfoliate Dry Skin – Dry skin can become a real problem in winter as central heating zaps the moisture in our skin. So, make sure you invest in a good exfoliating facial and body scrub and incorporate it into your beauty routine! REN Micro Polish Cleanser is thee perfect facial scrub as it exfoliates your skin while cleansing, saving you a step in your skincare routine!
Keep your skin hydrated – ALWAYS apply a moisturiser after cleansing and toning REN Vita Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Creamand before you apply your makeup in the morning. REN Vita Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream will leave your face feeling beautiful and luscious all day long! Why not try Sanctuary Creme Souffle for an all over hydrating treat on your body after your shower! ps. don’t forget to drink water to keep your skin hydrated from within!
Take Good Care of your Hands – Your hands are such an important, delicate part of your body as they are nearly always on show! To keep your hands soft and beautiful this winter, apply a ultra moisturising hand lotion a few times throughout the day. Treat yourself to Burts Bees Pampered Hand Care Gift Set & you will notice your hands will feel smooth and supple.  


EOS Lip BalmPerfect Your Pout
– The cold air combined with hot heaters can cause unwanted chapped lips. Choose a lip balm that is formulated with moisturising ingredients like Shea butter or Beeswax rather than petroleum based products which only act as a barrier on the skin and do not add moisture. EOS lipbalms or Burts Bees lip balm are both 100% natural and formulated with with hydrating ingredients to naturally protect and condition your lips.
Tell us what changes have you made to your skincare routine? xx

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