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Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow



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Say hello to the Bourjois Little Round Pot eyeshadow….. Your eye-conic best friend.

Why you need it:

Bourjois has used its revolutionary ‘baked technology’ for over 150 years to give its eye shadows and ultra soft, light and easy to apply formula.  Available in a range of colours there is a little round pot shadow to suit all eye colours.  Its hypoallergenic formula is both paraben and fragrance free.

How to:

Tip from Colour Designer Christophe Durand. Apply Bourjois Little Round Pot Eye shadow dry, for a light, luminous finish. Apply Bourjois Little Round Pot Eye shadow wet to reveal the full intensity of the colour pigments and pearl effects.


Bourjois aim to make Parisian style accessible to all women by providing daring makeup looks that are easy to achieve...without breaking the bank. Bourjois is a brand with personality and loves women with personality. Home of the iconic Little Round Pot eyeshadows and blusher, Bourjois products simplify beauty, letting every woman express her own style and creativity.