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Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff



Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff by Marissa Carter is a no nonsense exfoliating scrub designed as a pre tanning treatment for rough areas including knees, elbows and feet.

Why you need it:

The super effective body scrub is the perfect body prep for tanning as it removes stubborn traces of old tan, leaving you with silky smooth skin.  Following the success of Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Sachet, Cocoa Brown have no introduced their amazing Tough Stuff in a 200ml tube.

How to:

Massage Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff into your skin using sweeping strokes. Rinse Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff off your skin when you have finished scrubbing your body.

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff was designed to be used on both wet and dry skin. Using Tough Stuff on dry skin gives you a deeper exfoliation while using it on wet skin is more gentle, so you can exfoliate more frequently.



Cocoa Brown is the award winning tan that has taken the UK and Ireland by storm. Beauty editor, award-winning entrepreneur and one of Ireland's most respected beauty professionals, Marissa Carter is the genius behind the innovative brand. The revolutionary and surprisingly affordable 1 Hour Tan has quickly become a must have beauty product with one 1 hour tan selling every 3 minutes. Since it's launch Cocoa Brown have developed a "wardrobe’ of tans for different occasions" offering the perfect tanning solution for every day of the week.