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Callanberry Lip Brush (No.05) Natural Hair



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Callanberry Lip Brush (No.05) Natural Hair is the perfect way to precisely apply lipstick or lipgloss for a professional-looking makeup finish. 

Why you need it:
The Callanberry Lip Brush (No.05) Natural Hair is specially designed with a tapered tip to pick up and deposit the correct amount of lipstick or lipgloss. Made from the finest natural hairs, Callanberry brushes combine style with performance, quality and durability. 

Made with natural hair.

Natural virgin goat, squirrel and pony hair bristles
Callanberry makeup brushes offer the ultimate in quality, durability and style. The Callanberry makeup brush range is a collection of professional makeup brushes developed by makeup artists Paula Callan and Derrick Carberry. Paula and Derrick created the Callanberry range to be the essential makeup brush collection - the one they rely on for their own makeup kits. Made from the highest quality natural hair so you can achieve a thoroughly professional finish to your makeup.