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Ciate Feathered Manicure Set - All A Flutter



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Ciate Feathered Manicure Set - All A Flutter lets you nail the latest catwalk looks with your manicure. This manicure set has everything you need for dramatically distinctive nails!

Why you need it:
Ciate Feathered Manicure Set - All A Flutter has everything you need to create a stunning feathered manicure look. The ultimate way to wear feathers this season! The set includes nail polish, 40 ethically sourced and treated feathers, top coat, nail file block and nail scissors. 

How to use:
First paint your nails with Ciate Paint Pot in Ivory Queen, and let it dry. Apply a generous layer of Ciate Speed Coat Pro, and while it's still wet, gently lay a feather on your nail. Press it flat, and once your nail has dried, gently trim any excess with the included nail scissors. Apply another layer of Speed Coat Pro to seal, and finish off by gently filing the nail tip.

What's included:
- Speed Coat Pro (13.5ml)
- Ciate Paint Pot in Ivory Queen (5ml)
- 40 feathers
- Nail file block
- Nail scissors