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DuWop Circle Block



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Circle Block is a unique two part system that takes on dark circles and other skin imperfections by first blocking them with a water-resistant treatment shield and then covering them with a pigment rich, ultra smooth concealer.

Why You Need It

The treatment shield is rich in antioxidants Vitamins A, E and C to brighten and combat inflammation. The concealer is paraben-free, moisturizes with Shea Butter and won't settle into fine lines.

How to Use
Circle Block has two compartments: one containing the treatment shield and the other containing concealer. Using a brush or fingertip, blend a light layer of the treatment shield directly over the dark circle, patting away excess. After a moment, use the concealer as you normally would.

Circle Block comes in 4 shades to accommodate different skin tones.

DuWop is one of the most innovative makeup brands in the industry. The brand was founded by Cristina Bartolucci and Laura DeLuisa while they were running hair and makeup departments on TV and film sets. They had ideas for, and created products that they needed but could not find on the market. They created products like the bestselling Lip Venom Lip Plumper and in doing so solved problems for women the world over. DuWop has made a name for itself by figuring out what women need and creating it. They offer modern beauty solutions, that once tried, you can't live without.