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Contour Cosmetics The Pro Blender



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Contour Cosmetics The Pro Blender is the perfect tool if you're serious about contouring. This makeup sponge is specially designed to let you highlight, shade and shape your way to a high-definition look!

Why you need it:
Contour Cosmetics The Pro Blender is specially shaped for expert application of your favourite contouring makeup. Get great coverage and a flawless finish effortlessly with this essential pro tool. 

Contour Cosmetics products have a completely unique contour formulation ensuring you get the very best results every time. Contour Cosmetics have everything you need to perfect your contour makeup, from the best-selling Multi-Use Contouring Set and handbag-friendly Contour Compact to essential brushes and tools. Contour Cosmetics are proudly cruelty free and their brushes are free from animal hair.