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Dose of Colors Flat Definer Brush



Dose of Colors Flat Definer Brush is essential for precise and smokey eyeliner looks. Take your eyeliner to the next level! 100% vegan.

Why you need it:
Dose of Colors Flat Definer Brush makes an ideal eyeliner brush. Use the top for precise application of cream or gel eyeliner to create tight lines along the upper and lower lash lines, while the flat edge can be used to smudge and smoke out eyeliner. You can also dampen the tip of the brush to intensify powder eyeshadows when using them to line eyes.

Dose of Colors Flat Definer Brush is made from synthetic fibres and is vegan friendly.

Dose of Colors is the cult cosmetic brand founded by makeup artist Anna Petrosian in 2013. Dose of Colors makeup gives you an amazing range of colour choices, all packed with pigment so you can create your strongest makeup looks yet. Worn by superstars like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian West, Dose of Colors is proudly cruelty free and offers a wide variety of vegan makeup and brush options.