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DUO Brush On Eyelash Adhesive - Clear



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DUO Brush On Eyelash Adhesive - Clear helps make false eyelash application super-easy. The new ultra-thin brush lets you apply exactly the right amount of glue to your lashes.

Why you need it:
DUO Brush On Eyelash Adhesive - Clear means no more fuss next time you need to apply lash glue to your favourite falsies. Simply brush on exactly the amount you need - no need to worry about clearing away excess lash adhesive. Perfect for both strip and individual lashes, the formula dries clear and lasts all day.

This eyelash glue has been formulated without latex, and contains Vitamins A, C and E to benefit skin. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

How to use:
1. Check the fit of your lashes, and trim if needed.
2. Apply a thin line of adhesive to the lash band and wait 30 seconds for the lash glue to set.
3. Apply the lashes by pressing to your lash line. 

Free from:
Latex free 

Acrylates, Ethylhexyl Arcylate Copolymer, Retinol, Ascorbic Acid, Tocopherol
DUO creates the best selling eyelash adhesive in the world & are renowned for the effectiveness of their waterproof lash bonding agent. The success story of DUO dates back to the 1970’s when movie stars & celebrities started to embrace false lashes. Since then, make up artists & false lash lovers have praised DUO; the world's best selling false eyelash glue! After the worldwide success of DUO Adhesive, DUO introduced their professional eyelashes, which are now also becoming a global sensation