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DUO Professional Eyelashes D12 - Thin and Whispy



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DUO Professional Eyelashes D12 are Thin & Wispy, high quality false eyelashes, perfect for creating a professional look at home.The Thin & Wispy lashes are perfect for almost any eye shape & can help you achieve the most natural look you can get from a false lash. DUO professional Eyelashes are handcrafted from sterilized European human hair which is softer & finer, giving you natural looking, fuller eye lashes.

Applying your Duo Lashes

Checking the size of your eyelashes: 1 - Gently place false lash on the top of your own natural lashes. 2 - If the DUO professional lash extends past your natural lash line, carefully cut the excess lash with small scissors to achieve perfectly fitted lashes. Applying Duo Eyelash Adhesive: 1 – Squeeze a very thin layer of DUO eyelash adhesive along the eyelash band (make sure you never apply directly onto your own eyelids or lashes) 2 – Wait for the glue to set for about 30 seconds, or until you notice the glue is sticky before applying the eyelash to your eyelids. Applying Duo False Eyelash: 1 – Centre the faux eyelash along the base of your lashes & hold each end into place (you may use tweezers to hold the false eyelash to make this step easier) 2 – Firmly secure your lashes by gently pressing down on the lash, until your lash is secured & the glue is dry.

Pack contains: - 1 pair European Human hair Eye Lashes - 1 Tube of Duo White/Clear Adhesive 0.9oz (2.5g) 

DUO creates the best selling eyelash adhesive in the world & are renowned for the effectiveness of their waterproof lash bonding agent. The success story of DUO dates back to the 1970’s when movie stars & celebrities started to embrace false lashes. Since then, make up artists & false lash lovers have praised DUO; the world's best selling false eyelash glue! After the worldwide success of DUO Adhesive, DUO introduced their professional eyelashes, which are now also becoming a global sensation