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DuWop Private Lipstick



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DuWop Private Lipstick is an amazing colour-changing lipstick that magically morphs to your very own personal hue. Just apply and wait 5 minutes for your unique shade, perfectly tinted for you.

Why you need it:
DuWop Private Lipstick is perfect for the girl who isn’t afraid to stand out! Blended with rich natural pigments of Annatto, Hibiscus and Henna, plus classic 'mood lipstick' technology, DuWop’s Private Lipsticks will adapt to suit every individual's unique colouring. The lipsticks contain hydrating ingredients like Beeswax, Caster Oil and Vitamin E, and give a rich, long-lasting lip stain.  Looks amazing on any skin tone and changes within five minutes and to create the perfect shade for you!


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