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Embryolisse Secret de Maquilluers Radiant Eye



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Embryolisse Secret de Maquilluers Eclat du Regard Radiant Eye is a cooling stick that brightens eyes instantly, reducing puffiness and dark circles while moisturising and smoothing around the eye area.

Why you need it:
Embryolisse Secret de Maquilluers Eclat du Regard Radiant Eye is part of the Embryolisse Artist Secret range offering instant solutions to common beauty problems. Embryolisse  Eclat du Regard Radiant Eye is a cooling and moisturising stick that promises to give an instant lift to your eye area, quickly reducing puffiness and helping to lessen the appearance of any dark circles while moisturising and smoothing around the eye contour. Glycerin helps draw moisture into the skin and protect against moisture loss, while Aloe Vera soothes, cools and de-puffs around the eye area. Makes a great base for eye makeup. Use every morning, or as often as needed for fatigued-looking skin.

For the ultimate cooling and de-puffing effect, keep your Embryolisse  Eclat du Regard Radiant Eye in the fridge.

Skin type:
All skin types


Embryolisse skincare products have been trusted by French women since 1950. The Embryolisse story began when a Paris dermatologist created what has become Embryolisse's best-selling moisturiser, Lait-Crème Concentré. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré has achieved cult status and sold millions worldwide - one tube is sold every 60 seconds! More than just a moisturiser, it's loved by makeup artists as it can be used as a primer and makeup remover also. Embryolisse products also include the Artist Secret range of beauty boosters for flawless-looking skin and effective anti-ageing products to keep skin. Try Embryolisse today and discover it for yourself!