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Eye Of Horus Liquid Define Eyeliner



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Eye of Horus Liquid Define Liner is a longwearing, water proof liquid liner pen that helps you reveals your inner Gooddess.

Why you need it:
The Eye of Horus Liquid Define Liner is the ultimate longwearing, waterproof liquid liner pen. Whether you want to create a subtle look or an edgy, striking look, Eye of Horus Liquid Define Liner glides onto the eyelid with ease and precision. This liquid liner dries almost instantly and won’t budge, lasting from day into night.


Always ensure the Liquid liner cap clicks, to eliminate drying.

Eye of Hours Cosmetics is an Australian brand that is newly launched in Europe. Known for their illuminating essential range of eye liners, mascaras and eyeshadow palettes that are based on the formulas of the Ancient Egyptians, the originators of beauty and mystique. Eye of Horus hypnotic and higher performance products promise to awaken the Goddess within you.