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FARO Love Your Hair Professional Hair Brush Set



FARO Love Your Hair Professional Hair Brush Set is a beautifully boxed set with all the pro quality blow-drying tools you need. Contains 3 FARO brushes and 1 styling comb.

Why you need it:
FARO Love Your Hair Professional Hair Brush Set is the perfect kit for the ultimate blow dry. FARO Brushes feature large vented roller brush heads to allow more warm air from your hairdryer to pass trhough, heating up the brush making for speedier drying, gorgeous waves and a beautifully sleek frizz-free finish. FARO Brushes also have a ceramic coating which heats up quickly and emits negative ions, helping to eliminate static electricity, flyaways and frizzies. They also glide through hair, without snagging, or pulling. 

What's included:
32mm Brush - perfect for medium to thick hair, for creating large curls or drying a lot of hair.
25mm Brush -  works beautifully on fine to medium hair. Use it with the 32mm brush to create gorgeous waves.
19mm Brush -  ideal for adding volume to roots, especially on fine hair.
Styling Comb -  use it as a back comb to add tons of volume, or to divide hair into sections for styling.

FARO brushes give you the ultimate blow dry, whether you want sleek, straight hair or glamorous waves. Faro brushes are specially designed to give you the perfect temperature for blow-drying. The ceramic plates heat up quickly and the large vents allow more air from the hair dryer to flow through for faster blow-drying and less damage to hair. The ceramic plates of Faro brushes also emit negative ions which help eliminate static electricity, flyaways and frizzies for a beautifully smooth, sleek finish. FARO Brushes - Love Your Hair!