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Invisibobble Original Traceless Hair Ring



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Invisibobble Original Traceless Hair Rings keep you hair secure, giving you strong hold without kinks. Wears comfortably, looks great and doesn't leave tell-tale marks in your hair!

Why you need it:
Invisibobble Original Traceless Hair Ring holds your hair securely in place and lets you create all sorts of hair styles without clips or bobby pins. The original telephone cable hair ties, Invisibobble hair rings wear comfortably while keeping hair in place so there's much less of that 'headache-y' feeling when you've pulled your hair tight, and none of the kinks and indents left by regular hair ties.

The unique spiral shape of Invisibobble hair ties keeps hair gripped while the smooth surface doesn't tangle or get caught in hair. It's extra hygienic as it doesn't absorb water or particles, making it useful for allergy sufferers. It's easy to use with dry and wet hair, perfect for shower, beach or swimming pool.

Invisibobbles last much longer than the average hair tie, and if it starts to wear out or stretch, you can tighten it up by heating it. Just leave it in the sun or hot water to refresh.

Choose from 6 shades to blend in with your hair or stand out for a fresh pop of colour!

What's included:
3 Invisibobble Original hair rings

Invisibobble hair ties are the original telephone cord hair ties. These spiral hair rings keep your hair neat and tidy, and work brilliantly on both wet and dry hair. They're kind to hair, so no more split ends or breakages. Inivisibobble comes from the words 'invisible' and 'bobble' as Invisibobble is the traceless hair ring - it doesn't crease your hair or leave any telltale kinks behind. Invisibobbles are comfortable to wear, meaning less of those tight hair headaches! If you want to create amazing styles without fiddling with hair grips and bobby pins, check out the Invisibobble Nano, or if you want an extra-strong tie to hold your hair when working out, the Invisibobble Power is for you. Invisibobble - it's that simple!