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Kevyn Aucoin The Small Eyeshadow Soft Round Tip Brush



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Kevyn Aucoin The Small Eyeshadow Soft Round Tip Brush is specially designed to let you apply and blend eye colour effortlessly and accurately. Made from natural hair.

Why you need it:
Kevyn Aucoin The Small Eyeshadow Soft Round Tip Brush has small, domed head of tapered hair that gives you amazing precision when applying or blending eye makeup. This brush fits beautifully into the eyelid crease and the corners of the eyes so you can place eyeshadow exactly as you want. You can also use the brush for intense contouring around the nose, highlighting the bridge or tip of the nose, shading the eyelid crease and under-eye areas, defining brows, or even dotting on beauty marks. Made from pony hair bristles. 


Legendary makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin launched his beauty line in 2001, to bring out the true beauty in women everywhere. Keyvn was the first of his kind - a makeup artist who was almost as famous as the clients he worked on! Beloved for his kindness and humour as well as his amazing talent, Kevyn believed in beauty that was more than just skin deep and the power of makeup to transform. He pioneered trends like contouring, highlighting and the 3D lip before they went mainstream. For Kevyn Aucoin makeup and brushes, he insisted upon the highest quality ingredients and true innovation. Keyvn's legacy lives on through the Kevyn Aucoin beauty brand.