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Lottie London Brow Babe Tweezers



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Shape brows to a perfect finish with the Lottie London Brow Babe Tweezers.

Why you need it:

Lottie London's Brow Babe Tweezers have the perfect angled-tip to give you precision plucking power. They are super soft to the touch with a non-slip grip to ensure you grab every hair with perfect accuarcy. These eye-catching canary yellow tweezers are also arched making them ideal for grabbing those hard to reach tiny hairs.

Lottie London is the must-have brand for Cool, Edgy, Instagram ready girls. Lottie London packs your beauty bag full of selfie-ready essentials with their lust-worthy lacquers, ultra-pretty make-up tools and cute accessories. Show off your style with colourful Lottie London brushes, nail polish and the essential Lottie London Soap Star brush soap.