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Lottie London Lacquer Twist Pot Nail Polish Remover



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Remove polish in an instant with the Lottie London Twist Pot Nail Polish Remover.

Why you need it:

The Lottie London Twist Pot Nail Polish Remover is the perfect solution for taking glitter polish off effortlessly and quickly removing nail polish. A built in sponge means you can simply dip and twist each nail to lift off that lacquer in an instant! This acetone free polish makes the perfect travel companion and is sure to make nail polish lover's lives much easier!

How to:

Insert fingers one at a time into pre-lathered foam and twist until polish comes off.



Lottie London is the must-have brand for Cool, Edgy, instragram ready girls. Lottie London packs your beauty bag full of selfie-ready essentials with their lust-worthy lacquers, ultra-pretty make-up tools and cute accessories.