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Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser



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The Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser is an absolute must-have for all you makeup addicts out there. Guaranteed to keep your brushes clean, hygienic, and looking good as new.

Why you need it:
The Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser is a travel friendly alternative to a liquid cleanser. No more spills or wasting brush cleaner! It removes makeup residue and bacteria, deep cleaning and conditioning your brushes.  Suitable for both natural hair and synthetic fibre brushes. With added Coconut Oil and Shea Butter to keep brushes soft and in tip-top condition.

100% vegan friendly.

How to use:
Wet your brushes or applicators, and simply sweep against the solid bar, using circular movements to produce a lather. Rinse and then leave cleaned brushes and soap to air dry.

Lottie London is the must-have brand for Cool, Edgy, Instagram ready girls. Lottie London packs your beauty bag full of selfie-ready essentials with their lust-worthy lacquers, ultra-pretty make-up tools and cute accessories. Show off your style with colourful Lottie London brushes, nail polish and the essential Lottie London Soap Star brush soap.